Sri Sailaja Nori

Sri Sailaja Nori

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Sea6 Energy

Sri Sailaja Nori is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Sea6 Energy Pvt Ltd. She supervises the development of innovative methods by the research team to transform macroalgae into food ingredients, biofuel, animal feed, agricultural biostimulants, and other renewable compounds. Co-author of five articles and co-inventor of five patents (two of which have been approved) on goods produced from sea plants, she was recognized as a special mention in the “Science and Green Tech category” in Forbes India’s 2018 “30 under 30” list.

About their Startup

Sea6, based in Bangalore, was established in 2010 with the goal of creating ground-breaking solutions for important worldwide issues. It has emerged as a leader in the last ten years in the development of cutting-edge technology for the large-scale, sustainable, mechanized farming of marine plants and the production of unique products from the biomass of these plants.

Awards & Achievements

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