Simran Bhatia

Simran Bhatia


Swish By Dolcy And Simran

Originally from the lovely city of Indore, Simran Bhatia was born on November 30, 1996. She graduated with a BMBS from Indore’s Daly College Business School. In her sophomore year of college, Simran began her career as a blogger at the age of 18. Later, in 2017, she and her sister Dolcy Bhatia established their own online fashion retailer, Swish Boss.

About their Startup

Swish by Dolcy and Simran is a vibrant fashion business owned by two imaginative sisters, founded with passion and style in mind. They think that fashion has the ability to inspire and empower people. Their common goal, to reinvent ethnic clothing for women by adding glitz and eye-catching patterns, is realized in Swish. Swish is the one-stop shop for weddings above all other events.

Awards & Achievements

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