Shalini Divya

Shalini Divya

Co-founder and CEO


Shalini Divya, TasmanION‘s co-founder, aims to find battery producers and seek assistance from an industry partner that can help them commercialize their idea and achieve mutual advantages.
Her Ph.D. at Victoria University of Wellington focused on aluminum-ion batteries (AIBs), a safer and less expensive alternative to lithium-ion batteries, with an emphasis on the synthesis of activated carbon and 2D layered materials as cathodes.

About their Startup

TasmanIon is a New Zealand start-up that is exploring novel aluminium-ion battery technology for grid storage and portable applications. TasmanIon batteries, developed by researchers at Victoria University of Wellington, seek to provide a high-performance cell that is safer, more sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable for a variety of applications.

Awards & Achievements

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