Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones

Founder and CEO

Little Yellow Bird

The CEO and founder of Little Yellow Bird, Samantha Jones, is a social entrepreneur who is promoting circular methods of design, manufacturing, and consumption. In addition to being an Edmund Hillary Fellow and a 2017 Young Innovator of the Year recipient in New Zealand, Samantha holds master’s degrees in both engineering management and international security. Supply Chain Management is Samantha’s prior experience. For six years prior to founding Little Yellow Bird, she was a Logistics Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

About their Startup

Little Yellow Bird is the first and only uniform firm in the world to receive certification as a Benefit Company, making it the most morally conscious company in the world. In addition to using the most environmentally and socially responsible methods to produce their clothing, they also donate to several international and local projects. They have provided microloans to families in need of an additional source of income, training programs, computer equipment for schools, and support for girls from local cotton farming areas to return to school.

Awards & Achievements

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