Richa Kar



Richa Kar, the creator of Zivame, overcame a number of obstacles along the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and taking charge of a multibillion rupee enterprise. Richa Kar was born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, into a middle-class family. Richa developed the idea to open an online lingerie store while working on a Victoria’s Secret-related project where she learned about the challenges women experience when looking for undergarments.

About their Startup

Zivame was founded in 2011, with the mission of revolutionising the way women buy for intimate items by fostering a judgment-free atmosphere. Through her online lingerie store, Richa Kar, the entrepreneur, realised the need to question society standards and empower women. With 5,000 patterns, 50 brands, and 100 sizes available on Zivame’s platform, women may find the ideal fit for their tastes. Beyond the wide selection of products, Zivame places a premium on giving customers a sense of dignity and privacy so they can shop and buy underwear with assurance. This idea has significantly impacted how stereotypes are broken and how women are empowered throughout their lives.

Awards & Achievements

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