Manjiri Bakre

Manjiri Bakre

CEO & Founder

Oncostem Diagnostics

Manjiri Bakre is the CEO and founder of OncoStem Diagnostics, a start-up with an oncology emphasis that creates cutting-edge testing for the most effective and individualized treatment planning. She is a veteran of cell biology with vast knowledge in a variety of technological fields, including proteomics, microfluidic tests, AI/ML, and microarrays. She has worked in academia and industry for more than 20 years, conducting basic and applied research in Singapore, the US, and India.

About their Startup

OncoStem create innovative prognostic tools that evaluate tumor aggression by utilizing comprehensive understanding of tumor biology, to pinpoint the distinct features associated with the probability of cancer recurrence. Since 2011, their goal has been to provide doctors with evidence-based treatment regimens through the use of intelligent prognostic tests. By studying the biology of the cancer, these practical tests assist the doctors in creating a personalized treatment strategy. In their lab, thorough research is being conducted to create innovative tests for different types of cancer.

Awards & Achievements

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