Jaya Jha

Jaya Jha

Co-Founder and Director


Jaya Jha is a writer, poet, IT geek, and businesswoman. She was raised in several towns in Jharkhand and Bihar after being born. She graduated from IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow, and she quickly came to the conclusion that the corporate environment was not for her. She worked for a startup and Google India before founding Pothi, the country’s top print-on-demand publishing platform, in 2008.

About their Startup

Based in Bangalore, Pothi is a self-publishing and print-on-demand service provider. They provide publishers and individuals pre-press services like as typesetting, editing, and cover design. With their print-on-demand service, publication is possible without requiring a big initial outlay. Books released on Pothi.com can be bought in the internet bookstore.

Awards & Achievements

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