Deena Jacob

Deena Jacob

CFO & Co-Founder

Open Financial Technologies Private Limited

Deena Jacob is the head of revenue and growth, CFO, and co-founder of Open. She’s been creating and leading financial teams from the ground up for early-stage firms for more than eighteen years. Along with end-to-end financial activities, she has led teams in a wide variety of functional areas, including SME credit and marketing, investment research, company finance and analytics, investor relations, strategic alliances, legal, and compliance sectors.

About their Startup

Open is the first neo banking platform for startups and SMEs in Asia. Open is a business account that enables small business owners to receive payments, automatically reconcile them, and make easy payouts. It is powered by partner banks. Every month, 50,000 new SMEs and startups are onboarded by the platform. In addition, they provide extra capabilities made just for companies, such expenditure management, automatic accounting, and an integrated payment gateway.

Awards & Achievements

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