Brough Johnson

Brough Johnson

Co-founder and CEO

Narrative Muse

Born and raised in the United States, Brough Johnson is the CEO and co-founder of Narrative Muse, a cutting-edge digital platform that pairs users’ personalities with books, movies, and TV series by women and gender nonconforming people from diverse backgrounds. The platform bases its recommendations on users’ identities, preferences, and moods rather than past consumption.

About their Startup

Aotearoa New Zealand startup Narrative Muse is utilizing deep tech for good. Their software matches user choices with books, movies, and TV series that are consistent with their identity, hobbies, and beliefs. By suggesting films, TV series, and books to consumers based on their tastes rather than what they’ve previously read or seen, their system helps avoid content echo chambers. They then give publishers and screen producers insightful information to expose and communicate underserved market gaps by utilizing this difficult-to-obtain data. Real people’s recommendations are available on the Narrative Muse platform. In order to collect extensive, worldwide knowledge on entertainment by and about underrepresented groups, they intend to preserve our current community-led content curation process while improving it using AI.

Awards & Achievements

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