Ashwini Asokan

Ashwini Asokan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mad Street Den

Ashwini Asokan is the founder and CEO of Mad Street Den, an Artificial Intelligence company, powering Retail, Education, Healthcare, Media, Finance & more with its Image recognition platforms, and
Ashwini Asokan has also been labelled as an agent of change in STEM, with 50 percent of Mad Street Den’s workforce consisting of women.

About their Startup

At Mad Street Den, Ashwini and her team give the power of sight and learning to machines, teaching them to see and experience the world like we humans do. Working across India, US, UK, Europe, Latham and Japan her team has been known to build some of the most cutting edge AI tech and products. The company launched its first vertical – an AI based intelligent retail automation solution that is redefining the future of retail, online, across social channels and in-store

Awards & Achievements

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