Arum Kang

Arum Kang


Coffee Meets Bagel

Arum Kang came up with the idea for Coffee Meets Bagel while attending Harvard Business School to get his MBA. She was one of the few members of the 2011 HBS MBA class who went on to launch their own company. Together with her older sister Soo and twin sister Dawoon, Arum manages the millennial-focused app. They even made a presentation to a group of well-known investors on the US reality TV program Shark Tank in 2015. The Kang sisters are originally from South Korea and hail from a family of business owners. Their mother operated a chain of pubs and restaurants, while their father had his own scrap iron company.

About their Startup

Coffee Meets Bagel is an online dating platform and dating app that aims to offer a distinctive and customized method of matchmaking. Established in 2012, the company’s goal is to upend conventional online dating by providing customers with a more selective and deliberate experience. Coffee Meets Bagel provides users a set amount of possible matches, or “bagels,” every day as opposed to bombarding them with limitless profiles. The act of creating connections is made more intentional and significant since these matches are chosen based on the user’s interests and profile data. The site also places a strong emphasis on security and authenticity, utilizing a number of tools to promote sincere communication and stifle inappropriate activity.

Awards & Achievements

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