Anushree Goenka

Co-founder and CEO

Spark Studio

Anushree Goenka, Co-Founder & CEO at Spark Studio, has years of experience as a business leader and is skilled in P&L management, revenue development, digital consumer experiences, and business strategy. Anushree Goenka was one of the young founders who mustered the courage to take a plunge into the world of entrepreneurship just ahead of the onset of the second wave of the pandemic.

About their Startup

Building the best learning opportunities for kids in art, music, and communication skills, Spark Studio is a YCombinator-backed firm. The famous quote from Einstein reads, “The greatest scientists are also artists.” The likelihood of a Nobel Prize laureate participating in fine arts, crafts, or performing arts is twenty times higher than that of an average scientist. Of course, genius has many facets. This inspired us so much that we started Spark Studio. For students aged 6 to 15, Spark Studio provides top-notch online courses for extracurricular learning.

Awards & Achievements

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