Ankita Vashistha

Ankita Vashistha


StrongHer - by Arise Ventures

StrongHer Ventures’ founder and managing partner is Ms. Ankita Vashistha. At Saha Fund, Ms. Vashistha is the Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer in addition to being the founder. She is a member of the GoCoop board as well. At Velmeni, she is a board member. At Gingercrush, she is a board member. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from VTU in India and an MSc in finance from the Cranfield School of Management in the UK. Her experience includes venture capital and private equity, with an emphasis on technology and innovation in the UK, USA, and emerging countries. She has made investments in over 100 firms worldwide.

About their Startup

StrongHer, a venture capital firm, is the Premier Global Network and Fund for Female Entrepreneurs. Designed to support women entrepreneurs in technology, the Saha Fund was founded by the founder of the first global venture capital gender lens fund. For early-stage female leaders and builders, Arise Ventures’ StrongHer platform offers access to funding, networks, support, and guidance.

Awards & Achievements

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