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Ankita Sheth is the Co-Founder and Head of Acquisitions and Human Resources at Vista Rooms, South Asia’s largest brand of boutique vacation home rentals. Ankita Sheth did her post-graduate studies at Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) and an M.Com. at Mumbai University before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. She was raised in an enterprising joint family in Mumbai, where she was exposed to the difficulties of running a business from a young age. She observed her father and uncles operating their family business in Africa for over four decades, and she knew from an early age that she, too, would do something of her own.

About their Startup

StayVista is a Luxury Villa Rental platform offering 500 plus handpicked holiday homes across 50 plus destinations. The brand was established to offer an exclusively managed stay experience within a two to four-hour drive or flying distance around big getaway cities.

Awards & Achievements

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