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Women in Tech – Female Entrepreneurs

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Women Entrepreneurs Defying Expectations in Tech Womopreneur

Defying Expectations

The landscape of entrepreneurship is often not a level field for women. Women in tech especially struggle to create a place for themselves. They have to face multiple challenges that lead to them having a much slower rate of growth than their male counterparts. They are often underestimated and denied resources.

Female tech entrepreneurs often have many challenges ahead of them. However, many pioneer women in tech have overcome them to defy such challenges and made a name for themselves in the world of technology. With this in mind, it is essential to ensure that one knows about these challenges and the women who overcame them to give hope to future women entrepreneurs.

Women in Tech

‘Women in tech’ is still very much a concept rather than a ground reality. While women are gradually improving their stance and positioning, they still hold less than 20% of leadership roles in tech. However, despite the uneven playing ground, female entrepreneurs in tech are still shattering the glass ceiling despite facing many challenges.

In such a case, it is pertinent to understand the various challenges women face in tech. These challenges present substantial obstacles to their growth and are a leading cause of discouragement for future generations of potentiation women leaders in technology. Despite their interest, many women in tech need help to reach their full potential. This is a concern considering how well some women who were given a chance have done to improve the field.

Challenges Faced by Women in Tech

Women tech entrepreneurs face multiple challenges. It is equally important to understand these problems as it is to promote the women who are defying expectations in the field. The knowledge of such challenges informs us of what needs to be improved and how to increase the participation of women in tech.

Social Expectations

There are certain social expectations that come with being a woman. Despite the recent developments in the status of women, they are still expected to prioritize traditional roles. For a woman, their home is considered to be their main territory, whereas anything else, such as their profession, is supposed to be secondary.

Even though times are changing, there is a gender imbalance when it comes to how social expectations materialize. Women entrepreneurs especially face this as they are expected to run a business while running their homes. Even though a majority of them do so flawlessly, the overall societal expectations leave much to be desired when it comes to female autonomy.


Stereotypes often work against women. The general perception of their attitude and aptitude is often informed by such preconceived notions. Women in tech are often not taken seriously; they are considered too emotional or too simple-minded, especially when dealing with high-level male executives. Not to forget the various other stereotypes about women not knowing how to deal with science and maths. Women have been breaking down these stereotypes. However, despite such efforts, these stereotypes still exist and continue to hamper the advancement of women in tech.

However, if you are an aspiring woman in tech, you don’t have to worry because even with all these challenges, women continue to defy expectations. There are a considerable number of female entrepreneurs who have made a place for themselves and are an example of what women can accomplish. They have shown an admirable spirit and determination in going after their dreams and achieving them. There is much to learn from them. However, the most important lesson here is to never give up and relentlessly chase what you believe in.

Female Tech Entrepreneurs – Their Stories of Success

Female tech entrepreneurs are a brilliant example of how women continue to defy expectations in the technology landscape. Not only are their ventures profitable and economically viable, but they are also induced with a passion for communal development.

  1. Dr. Sasikala Devi – One of the most important names when it comes to COVID-19 research, her contributions have been invaluable in helping combat the virus which took the world by storm. With her knowledge of deep learning and AI, she created LungXpert, which provides a 90% accurate prognosis for early-stage lung problems.
  2. Debjani Ghosh – One of the most illustrious women in technology, Debjani is a pioneer in technology and the current president of NASSCOM. She is an advocate for gender equality in tech and was the first woman to lead Intel in India. Her example is one of the most influential when it comes to women who have paved the way in technology for others.
  3. Upasana Taku – She is the co-founder of Mobikwik, one of the largest independent mobile payment networks in India. She is one of the first women to venture into this sphere of fintech and is outperforming many. Through her app, one can shop, pay bills, send and receive money, and more. Her idea filled the gaps in the online payment systems in India.
  4. Odunayo Eweniyi – Piggybank is the first online investment and saving app in West Africa. Her venture is designed with the view of improving the way people save and invest their money. It is currently one of the largest fintech start-ups in Nigeria and is making a huge impact. She is also the co-founder of FirstCheck Africa, which helps other women get funding for their entrepreneurial projects.
  5. Akanksha Hazari – She founded a retail-based start-up called LoveLocal in 2020. It provides a hyper-local e-commerce experience to its users and is revolutionizing the way local retailers operate. Through her venture, she is organizing the largely unorganized retail trade. Since its inception, the business has grown 40 times and has reached 35 cities in India. She is an acknowledged entrepreneur who won The Hult Prize in 2011 and the Vital Voices Global Economic Empowerment Award in 2016.
  6. Falguni Nayar – She is the first self-made female billionaire and founded the online beauty and lifestyle store, Nykaa. She founded her company in 2012 after a 20-year-long career as a venture investor and merchant. Nykaa is one of the most successful start-ups and has successfully made itself an indispensable name in the beauty industry.
  7. Angelica Ross – Not only is she a popular actor but also a self-taught coder. She founded TransTech Social Enterprises in 2014. It is an LGBTQ+ inclusive space that helps individuals learn pertinent skills related to technology with the help of regular seminars and summits. Angelica’s journey is noteworthy because she took the initiative to up-skill herself and is now helping others do the same.
  8. Lilly Mittenthal – She is one of the finest examples of combining sensitivity with technology. She is the co-founder of the Maro app, wherein parents get help navigating their relationship with their children who are growing up. Her app consists of resources that help parents talk to their children about mental health and journal their progress.

To Sum Up

Women in tech are not only running their businesses but also helping other women achieve their dreams by sharing their experiences. There is undoubtedly a need for more advancement when it comes to women in tech; however, the current ones are certainly setting an example of what is possible. It is uncomfortable, sure, but no glass has ever shattered without force. Indeed, expectations can only be defied if one steps into the unknown and creates one’s own set of expectations.

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