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Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in India 2024

by Isha Katiyar
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India has one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial landscapes in the world. With more and more start-ups cropping up, there has been a sharp increase in the number of women entrepreneurs in the country. Today, we are listing out the top 10 women entrepreneurs in India 2024 to celebrate their achievements and how far our nation has come in terms of women empowerment.

Women Entrepreneurs in India Stats

Here are some interesting stats that reflect the state of women entrepreneurship in India as of now.

  •  87% of women entrepreneurs in India rely on self-financing.
  • Women-owned enterprises are expected to make up 33% of significant businesses by 2030. 
  • Manipur and Meghalaya have the largest share of women-led enterprises, with 38.4% and 27.9%, respectively.
  • Start-ups with at least one female founder have 48% women in leadership positions compared to 32% in male-led start-ups.
  • Only about 17% of women-owned small enterprises have employed workers, of which 95% operate with less than six workers.

Women in India have come a long way when it comes to entrepreneurship. Here is a list of some of the best women entrepreneurs in India in 2024.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is the executive chairperson and co-founder of Biocon Limited and Biocon Biologics Limited. She is one of the leading figures in the biotechnology industry. She has created an example for countless aspiring female entrepreneurs. Her intelligence and dedication have made her one of the top women entrepreneurs in India.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Biography

Date of Birth: 23 March 1953

Place of Birth: Bangalore, Mysore State, India

Company:  Biocon

Industry: Biotechnology

Net Worth: $2.7 Billion

Falguni Nayar

Falguni Nayar started her business in her 50s after leaving her high-paying job. As the founder and CEO of the beauty and lifestyle app Nykaa, she has become one of the wealthiest women entrepreneurs in India. She also became the owner of India’s first unicorn start-up and is an inspiration for many!

Falguni Nayar Biography:

Date of Birth:  19 February 1963

Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Company: Nykaa

Industry: E-commerce, Cosmetics, Retail

Net Worth: $3.2 Billion

Garima Sawhney

Garima Sawhney is a gynecologist and the co-founder of Pristyn Care. She is one of the best in her field and started her venture to support patients and provide them with affordable care. She has turned her clinic into a thriving venture and is truly one of the best entrepreneurs in the nation right now.

Garima Sawhney Biography

Date of Birth: NA

Place of Birth: Gurugram, Haryana

Company: Pristyn Care

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care

Net Worth: $1.4 Billion

Vandana Luthra

Vandana Luthra is an Indian entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness industry. She is the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd and chairperson of the Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council (B&WSSC). She started her business with a focus on dietary modification and subsequently expanded to beauty and wellness as well. Today, she is one of the richest women in India.

Vandana Luthra Biography

Date of Birth: 12 July 1959 

Place of Birth:  New Delhi, India

Company:  VLCC

Industry: Skincare, Beauty, Wellness

Net Worth: $1.7 Billion 

Ruchi Deepak 

Ruchi Deepak is a former lawyer and the co-founder of Acko. She worked in investments and financial services for a few years. She understood the intricacies of the industry and created a company that was innovative and an empathetic culture. Her venture has created a positive example in the Indian entrepreneurial space. 

Ruchi Deepak Biography

Date of Birth: NA

Company: Acko

Net Worth: $1.4 Billion

Place of Birth: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Industry: Technology, Information and Internet

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal is the co-founder of Shopclues, a popular online marketplace. She is the first Indian entrepreneur to enter the unicorn club and is known for her stellar business acumen. She completed her education in the USA and has displayed a lot of brilliance in running her business. 

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal Biography

Date of Birth: NA

Place of Birth: NA

Company: Shopclues

Industry: Internet

Net Worth: $1.1 billion

Upasana Taku

Upasana Rupkrishan Taku is the Co-Founder and COO of MobiKwik. She started her venture to simplify digital payments in India. Her contributions have been immense in the digital landscape of India. Her diligence and intelligence are examples for women entrepreneurs all over the country to believe in their vision and keep working on it.

Upasna Taku Biography

Date of Birth: NA

Place of Birth: Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Company: MobiKwik

Industry: Financial Services

Net Worth:  $1 Billion

Vineeta Singh

She is the CEO and co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics. Vineeta rejected a one crore job offer to start her own cosmetics company. Sugar Cometics has grown exponentially in the last few years. She wanted to create an inclusive makeup line that suited Indian skin tones and created quality makeup products. Her success is an inspiration for many! 

Vineeta Singh Biography

Date of Birth: 1983

Place of Birth: Anand, Gujarat

Company: Sugar Cosmetics

Industry: Personal Care Product Manufacturing

Net Worth: $450 Million

Saumya Singh Rathore

Saumya Singh Rathore founded WinZO to create an inclusive space for gaming enthusiasts in India. Today, it is the largest vernacular social gaming platform and has more than 100 million registered users. Her venture is creative as well as innovative. Saumya aims to change the gaming landscape in the country, and we are sure she will succeed! 

Saumya Singh Rathore Biography

Date of Birth: 1988

Place of Birth: Uttar Pradesh, India

Company: Winzo

Industry: Gaming, Entertainment

Net Worth: $366 Million

Kanika Gupta

Kanika Gupta is the founder and COO of Square Yards, a global real estate advisory consultancy company. Her company has brought a revolution in the prop tech industry and is one of the fastest-growing aggregators. With a background in finance, her brilliance is apparent in the way she runs her business.

Kanika Gupta Biography

Date of Birth: NA

Place of Birth: NA

Company: Square Yards

Industry: Real Estate

Net Worth:  $322 Million

Key Takeaways

India certainly has many women entrepreneurs who have immense potential to transform industries. Women have been successful in creating a space for themselves; however, there is still a lot of room for more women to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. We hope the top women entrepreneurs mentioned here will motivate budding businesswomen to go after their dreams!

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