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Industries Conquered By Women Entrepreneurs

by Isha Katiyar
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Industries Conquered By Women Entrepreneurs | Womopreneur

Women are conquering various industries. However, the discussion about their achievements is not at par when compared to their male counterparts. The populace cannot picture women taking over the business world or at least, step into it and flourish like men have been doing for ages now. We all know that men ran ancient business. But there are many indsutreis conquered by women as well.

We need to see women need more than just perfect housemakers. They have reached heights that no one in the ancient past would have ever imagined. Women have been conquering the business world with their utmost determination and diligent hard work for over centuries now. Talking of the present times, we can readily list a myriad of women entrepreneurs who are there racing at their jobs. 

Need for Women in the Field

With changing times, women are becoming more of a force in the business world. However, it is not a recent trend, we can track history to learn about their achievements. Below, you can find reasons why we need more women entrepreneurs in marketplace:

  • Resume the stunted growth: The working sector needs the engagement of women. The enterprise world needs stable and robust strategies to resume the economic growth. The influx of women leads to monetary growth as well as an upswing in the productivity of a business. 
  • Upheaval the bigotry: Women’s presence in various industries is profitable in several ways. Successful ladies such as Katrina Cole who turned Cinnabon into a billion-dollar brand. Also, Ursula Burns who transmuted Xerox from a lacklustre to a global intimidating competitor, the list is endless. We need to cut the stereotyped beliefs now. The more women in power, the more it is beneficial for the business to grow concurrently. 
  • Upgrade your business culture: Many studies that prove that an increase in women’s employment lead to a healthier culture. Employing women in the business is important to establish a robust and positive environment for long-term growth and success.
  • Social change: An enterprise pledging equal opportunities for women and men can have huge impacts on a country’s societal norms. With each woman being in a business space, there is a message sent to the world regarding their high-end capabilities.  
  • Well-maintained work-life balance: It’s not us, it’s the studies indicating the triumph of women in the management of work-life balance. Though it can get difficult to handle all the essential roles of their lives, they make a way for themselves. 

Industries Conquered by Women

Women can take over even the industries that men fear to hand over because of their prejudices. Take a look at how the following industries can involve the female workforce ad flourish:

  • Health: Female nurses and midwives were the best-known careers for the females in the healthcare sector. Well now, women represent 70% of the entire Global Healthcare Workforce. Women certainly succeed in this field because of their innate capabilities and determination. 
  • Education: Women are cordially welcomed into the education field. They are either pedagogically engaged in the profession or are the managing heads of the entire educational institution. The predominant nurturing qualities of women make them more fit for this field than men. In India, the percentage of female teachers in special education is 90%.
  • Finance: Women are known to be excellent investors with innate capabilities in the field of finance. Women make brilliant investors. However, there is no gender parity in the field. But, there has been a proliferated mark of women making their place in the finance sector. Women leaders in the finance field like Geraldine Weiss was one of the first few women to set foot into the sector and be successful.
  • Legal: Starting the journey in the legal field around the 18th century, women have come a long way in the legal sector, proving their mettle. Arabella Mansfield from America was the first female lawyer in the world. In India, Cornelia Sorabji became the first woman to practice law. Mithan Jamshed Lam was the first woman barrister of India.
  • STEM: Though there is an apparent gap in the gender ratio in the STEM field, women are working their way through building a secured future in this field. According to UN, India has the highest women graduating STEM. This itself is a great step towards development of women entrepreneurs in the country.  

To Sum Up

Saying that women can only fit into certain demarcated chores is a bias statement. Even after arriving this far, with extremely arduous efforts, women are yet to achieve success in all the fields of business. Well, to counter this belief, I’d say that we must not forget that there was a time when women didn’t even exist in this arena. Now, when we know they are doing great, fighting each obstacle, clearing their way through the delayed engagement, and working their best to prove themselves, we must not narrow down their path by putting out such a biased attitude. The ones who are the creators of this humankind can easily jump from job seekers to job creators in a swipe.

Whether it is a small business or an enormous international brand name, women can conquer any field of their choice. They can make the most out of their skill sets and their determined attitudes. It is nowhere right to judge or predict certain limited jobs for women. The above-mentioned industries are a few to name, there can be hundreds of such fields where women can set their foot and step up to the heights of achievements. There is no harm in proclaiming here – “the future is female”.

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