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How Women Entrepreneurs Are Helping Other Women?

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How Women Entrepreneurs are Helping Other Women? | Womopreneurs

Entrepreneurship has frequently been discussed by economists as an economic force that propels development. For any nation’s economy, growth, increased productivity, and high yield are unquestionably strongly correlated with entrepreneurship. Amidst this global wave of entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs are emerging as a formidable force, supporting each other and excelling at a faster pace than their male counterparts. Explore how women entrepreneurs supporting women thrive in the business world, only on Womopreneur – the ultimate platform for female empowerment.”

We live in an age of globalization and digitalization where everything is easily accessible. It would be unfair to not give due credit to the entrepreneurs who made it possible to a certain extent. India, too, has been witnessing an entrepreneurial revolution. Women entrepreneurs, coming from all kinds of family and financial backgrounds, are part of the startup boom, contributing beneficially with their new and innovative ideas to society.  

“Entrepreneurship touches the lives of all women, not only those who work within the system”, Aptly said. The women in business are nothing less than warriors on the battlefield. They have too much at stake. Women in leadership have been called names for being assertive and courageous ever since. The patriarchal mindset has never been able to see themselves as being subordinate to a female boss. Notwithstanding these obstacles, women have set the bar excessively high for competence and commercial ethics.

According to an analysis from Bain & Company and Google, women business owners in India have the potential to generate 170 million new jobs. And by 2030, that equates to more than a fourth of all jobs needed to support the working population. In many respects, today’s female entrepreneurs serve as role models for other women, both inside and beyond the world of entrepreneurship. Women now work in fields that were traditionally dominated by men, such as environmental consulting, construction companies, and web design.

These are the various ways in which women are doing this:

Investing in Women-owned businesses

Most women, when starting their business, rely on their own savings or seek help from their near and dear ones for investment. This puts a halt in the growth of their companies after a certain period. Studies have revealed a gender discrepancy in venture capitalists’ and angel investors’ investment decisions. The majority of investments continue to go to businesses run by men. Investing in other women-owned businesses is a great way to support their development, success, and confidence.

Numerous women entrepreneurs have said in their interviews that they would support as many women-owned businesses as they could in every way possible. This is the most effective technique for a woman to support other women and a crucial step in transforming the business industry’s environment.

Speaking out when necessary

Women need support in more ways than just financially. It is important to discuss the challenges women experience in founding and running businesses, as well as the problems they deal with on a daily basis. No one can understand it better than a woman herself. Being in a position of authority inherently entails a moral obligation to defend the right. Businesswomen have made sure their position is used in favor of other women by, among other things, advocating for the rights of other women to have their voices heard, encouraging other women who want to start their businesses, and raising awareness of women’s issues.

Disseminating Knowledge

Women entrepreneurs host a tonne of programs, workshops, and courses to educate both young and older women. Although the majority of these are paid, there are numerous channels on websites like YouTube free of cost, that are assisting women in a variety of ways by drawing on their prior mistakes and experiences. These women are helping a lot of other women by putting aside their feelings of rivalry and envy. Companies that cater exclusively to women post videos about their products and the objectives they hope to accomplish with them on social media. Also, they take care to spread fundamental information about the issue they are resolving via their startup. The experiences shared also help in building connections with entrepreneurs who are best at what they do.

In India, it is difficult for a woman to continue her career throughout her life. There are other commitments ‘exclusively for women’ which becomes a barrier between her and her career. Following this, many women have to leave their jobs, take care of their children, and other “female duties”. Data have also shown that a lot of women are leaving their jobs, which has an impact on both their personal and the company’s growth. In such circumstances, the time and effort she invested in developing her talents and education are for naught. While it is difficult to predict whether a woman will stay for a long time, businesses also hesitate to re-employ her.

Female leaders in entrepreneurship comprehend their predicament and assist women in picking up where they left off. It is a means for them to assist and inspire one another to improve both their quality of life and society. Additionally, women are more loyal to the companies they work for, which in return benefits the employer.

Providing Employment to Women who want to restart their career

While hiring another woman, a woman would make sure to give her a safe and secure workplace. This helps to encourage working women to go to the office each day as well as encourages other women to work.

These are some of the many ways in which women entrepreneurs support women. In a world where it is much more difficult than men to sustain themselves because of factors such as building support networks, balancing business and family, and limited funding, to name a few. Despite these difficulties, women in business have been propelled in their respective fields. Not only do the women in the industry benefit from their work, but the homemakers as well as the young women are under-confident or hesitant to work in the first place.

In the workplace, women are more approachable than men. Female business owners help other women succeed while expanding their own companies. Without the efforts of women in society, the need for a society to grow and flourish is never met. The hurdles undoubtedly are many. But until the industry, the government, as well as the common people, strive to work for it, there is no pulling string to build a strong and women-friendly society.

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