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Top Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

by Ruchika Verma
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Economic Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs | Wompreneur

The business field is now becoming a commonly adopted career opportunity for women. However, it comes with unprecedented challenges. Starting a business, or say, choosing a idea for beginning the journey is not a cakewalk. It can get hard especially when it comes to choosing business ideas for women, which can get quite difficult.

Martha Stewart, a businesswoman, writer and television personality states, “Build your business success around something that you love — something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you.” Not just women, but, to anyone who dreams of building an enterprise, this would sound just apt but not everyone truly understands the concept. One can find several business-minded people around them. Yet, the foremost obstacle that arises for many people in the process is selecting an economical business idea, especially for women kick-starting their venture. 

The hardships of entrepreneurship come in the form of financing, team building, business recognition etc. which are gender unbiased. But, where it is easier for passionate male entrepreneurs to secure investments and manage social expectations. the same challenges only form the tip of the iceberg for women entrepreneurs. 

Business Ideas for Women

Each career comes with its own hindrance and struggle, and no one can desire a hassle-free path to success without some laid down hurdles. But, we can assure you that after reading this article, choosing the right idea for your ideal business will become a piece of cake for you. Let us help you with some influential and easy thriving business ideas for women, to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Travel & Tourism 

Females nowadays, move out to travel the world and own the most intriguing and fascinating travel agencies around the world. Similarly, the booming tourism industry accounts for 33% of women-owned businesses and ~70% of female employees. 

Sarah Gallo, for instance, is the five-foot-tall traveler and the owner of  The Five Foot Traveler has herself traveled over 100 countries and now helps others pursue their itinerant dreams. 

“Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively, unless you can choose a challenge instead of a competence.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As much as the tourism business is flourishing around the world in the past few years, women are also setting their foot into the field with utmost diligence and determination. Women account for the majority of the tourism workforce globally. The field is no doubt growing at a very rapid speed. 

Chitra-Gurnani-Daga-Ceo-and-Cofounder-Thrillophilia-Travel-and-Tourism | Womopreneur.png

Real Estate

Growing population, growing urbanization, proliferating globalization, and many more reasons are evidence that real estate is one of the top business ideas for women. We administer a lot of people in our day to day lives who are in search of decent and feasible real estate properties. With so many digital opportunities also available the field definitely has become a competitive arena. But, there surely is a benefit grabbing the opportunity for women as well. Women have finally stepped into the stereotyped culture of the property where men are the main prerequisites of several employers and preferred over women because of the nature of physical strength, hustle and need in the field. Women are now getting exposed to this field to a greater extent than would have been imagined several years ago.

Kanika-Gupta-Ceo-Cofounder-Squareyards-Real-Estate | Womopreneur.png

Organic Agriculture and Other Consumables

Sale and consumption of organic vegetables has substantially increased with people taking cognizance of the need for healthy eating. Organic farming has got enormous potential in India for the smallholders of land. Those who have an ample amount of land lying idle with no productive use fan make lucrative use of that land and flourish in their venture. Women are bracing the organic farming concept and adapting the agricultural practices thereby stepping towards the path of success.

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Saroja-Patel-Tadavanam-Organic-Agriculture | Womopreneur.png

Event Planning

Seizing ideas from a Bollywood junkie, you can expect a citation of an example of a Bollywood movie under this section. “Band Baaja Baaraat,” although not a box office hit, definitely hits our mind when we talk of event planning business. The movie in which the protagonists kick start a wedding planner business venture and succeed in it, the female protagonist being the lead. It is a general belief that women possess artistry and creativity. This is true to a great extent. Hence, one can make exceptional event planners and it is a great business ideas for women interested in the field.

Mehak-Shahani-Cofounder-Wed-Me-Good-Event-Planning | Womopreneur.png

Affiliate Marketing

The fire within their hearts has led several women into the field of affiliate marketing making them earn a good living for themselves and their families. With women onboard, the affiliate marketing companies tend to have grown to a great deal. When these women take over the whole business in their hands, they can achieve incredible heights single handedly. 

Missy-Ward-Cofounder-Affiliate-Summit-Affiliate-Marketing | Womopreneur.png

Fashion Industries

Women have always been associated with fashion. This is the time when they can leap in creating their dream jobs themselves. The enthusiastic and determined ones can easily make a great deal of success with their diligence and hard work. Giving your passion a kick start by launching a fashion label, or be it starting a fresh fashion brand name, or trying a hand at the recently discovered fashion influence- the one which is very much in Vogue due to the social media revolution. Women can definitely do wonders in the fashion industries. It doesn’t take a lot of financial support, but it does take an enormous amount of talent and hard work.

Rashi-Menda-Cofounder-Zapyle-Fashion-Industry | Womopreneur.png

Online Grocery Stores

With the evolution of the digital market, there has been an uplift in each kind sector. Be it corporate, business, education, health, or grocery. With urbanization and globalization, offline grocery shopping is now replaced with online shopping. This endeavor is a great business idea for women entrepreneurs. Where there is a need, there is a discovery. The discovery is made, it’s now time for expansion. Women can opt for starting a small grocery store even from home if there’s enough space and gradually expand their reach.

Rubal-Chib-Cofounder-Qzense-Labs-Grocery-Stores-made-online | Womopreneur.png

Fitness Trainer

There is no end for the one deliberately seeking and diligently working hard towards a goal. Women have a high interest in fitness and health nowadays. Women in gyms are highly inspirational for others out there. It is a great business idea for women and can help boost up the energy and enthusiasm among the people. 

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Shwetambhari-Shetty-cofounder-Tribe-Fitness-Club-Fitness-Training | Womopreneur.png

Over time, India has been growing in all aspects of the economy. The ease of doing business rank of India in the world has come up to 63rd from 79th in 5 years. This sums up as a great achievement and an incredible opportunity for all business enthusiasts. We are sure a lot of these business ideas for women will prove to be beneficial for you and help you chart new paths to success.

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